Pangman – Holy Angels


Pangman – Holy Angels

In Pangman as in many areas where European settlers took up homesteads, the settlers placed a high priority on securing a meeting place in which they could worship and thank their Creator. In 1906 Mass was celebrated in the school by Rev. Ant. Mollard, M.S., and from 1907-1912 it was celebrated in private homes.

When plans were made to build a church, a canvass for funds, was initiated by Father Mollard and spearheaded by Ed Petit and Albert Schnurr resulted in $1600 in pledges. This was supplemented by money raised at suppers put on by the women, and at concerts.

 J.F. Diemert drew up the blueprint, and Frank Krubinski did most of the construction work. Nicholas Reiter and John Young donated the bells, which were purchased from Thuringen, Germany, and installed for $301.17. Nick Grossman and his family donated a new main altar, and Nicholas Reitler and Frank Krubinski built the choir loft.Holy Angels Church was completed at a cost of $9000, in 1912. Archbishop Mathieu performed the blessing on October 15, 1915.

Under the direction of Father Robertson the church was renovated in 1964. In addition to the new altar that followed the changes in Vatican II , an addition was built. Renovations were also done in 1971: walls were insulated, wallboard installed, painting done and a rug was installed. Finally water and sewer were installed in 1975 and then bathrooms and a kitchen were built.

Father Somerfield, the first resident pastor, supervised the construction of the rectory in 1924. At this time there were 50 families in the parish. In 1971 the rectory was rented out and finally sold to the Bill Roberts family in 1974.

Weyburn priests visited, sometimes twice a month, for Mass. The parishioners would prepare lunch and sleeping accommodations for the visiting priest in the church. From 1906 – 1924 visiting priests from Weyburn were Fathers Mollard M.S., Dupraz M.S., and Somerfield M.S.

Mrs. Len Benson became the first president of the C.W.L. that was formed under the direction of Father Veltman and the parish council consisting of Len Benson, Adam Barth, Henry Mazur, John Young, and Adam Wingert. The chapel in the rectory basement was built by Len Benson, Roy Lee, and Louis Selljer. 

The first baptism in the church was Mary Fellner (Barth), and Mrs. M.J. Mongeon organized the first choir and served as organist for a number of years.

Pangman has served other communities as well, including: Khedive, Forward, and Ogema.

Pastors who served Pangman:

Rev. Somerfield M.S. 1924-1929
Rev. Fuchs 1929-1934
Rev. A. Dupraz, M.S. 1934-1937
Rev. E.L. DeBusschere, M.S. 1937-1942
Rev. August Gillot 1942-1949
Rev. J. Volk 1949-1955
Rev. Herman Veltman 1955-1960
Rev. H Bosma 1960-1962
Rev. Louis Kubash 1962
Rev. D. Robertson 1963-1967
Rev. Peter Nijssen 1967-1971
Rev. Louis Abello 1971-1974
Rev. Albert Schmitz 1974-1979
Rev. J.P. Murphy 1979-1991
Rev. Peter Pham 1991-1992
Rev. Stephen Bill 1992-1996
Rev. Brian Meredith 1996-2001

Rev. Francis Kurisinkal (Prince) 2001-2008

Rev. Anthony Bruno 2008-2011

Rev. Anthony Pangan 2011-2017

Rev. Thuy Nguyen 2017-




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