Minton – St. Eugene

 St. Eugene – Minton

The sod home of Pius Ruschiensky, Leopold Ruschiensky, or John Fenrich served as a place of worship before Minton had a church. Occasionally Father Ambrose, Kugener, Wilhelm, Morrissette, and Levesque-travelling missionaries from Marienthal, Souris Valley, or Plentywood, Montana would visit. In 1914, John Fenrich donated five acres of land and each settler donated $16 and their labor and the building of the church was under way. Lumber was hauled from Outlook, Montana and with the help of Joseph Kasmer, Anton Melle, John Fenrich, George Bub, Alex Bub, Peter Bub, Ludwig Schwapp, Leopold Ruschiensky, Pius Ruschiensky, Joseph Miller, Alphonse Menkis, Jacob Gisi, Frederick Hoffart, Anton Jochim, Joseph Franzem, Nick Balzer, Lorenz Kaip, John Fanghaiser, Matt Kaip, Leonard Wilde, Sophalius Kohler, Ludwig Kessler, Jacob Kessler, Joseph Kessler, Anton Kessler, Jacob Ereth, Joseph Mack, Jacob Schmidt, and Anton Fenrich the church would be built. In 1917, the priest from Ceylon made regular visits to Minton. In 1919, Matt Kaip wrote the Archbishop and pleaded for a priest, but there wasn’t one available. In 1924, St. Jude Church burned down. A crucifix was erected at the site and was then used as the cemetery. Mass was then held in the municipal hall, until 1931 when the R.C.M.P. barracks were purchased and converted to a church and dedicated it to Our Lady of Lourdes, but was commonly known as Bergfield Mission. Father Mulligan from Ceylon served the area. In 1935 Rev. Beechy, became Minton’s first resident priest and lived on the second floor of the church. In 1939 it was decided a new church was needed, so construction began. Father Beechy was actively involved in community and founded the Minton Co-op. After Father Beechy left, Rev. Yunker had the rest of the church finished and added 2 rooms to the back of the church for priests living quarters. The first Mass in the new church was celebrated April 1,1945. The church was blessed and dedicated to St. Eugene June 25, 1945.

In the fall of 1945 funds were collected and the following year a rectory was built, under Father Volk. September 1949 brought Father Lambertus to Minton. Father Lambertus made changes to the rectory, and town while he was there. He enlarged and remodeled the rectory, started the Minton Bluebirds hockey team, established a sub-council of the Radville Knights of Columbus, helped form the C.W.L., and encouraged retreats that brought many missionaries.

In the late 1950s, Peter Tatarliov donated land for a community cemetery, and the expanded the cemetery in 1980.

The first parish council consisted of Ralph Melle, Erwin Tiszauer, Orvil Corbin, Dorothy Meyers, Albert Tessier, Jim Simpart and Daniel Hoffart.

In the fall of 1974 Minton became a mission of Ceylon, and then in 2001 became a mission of Radville Pastoral Zone.

Pastors who served in Minton:

Rev. Ambrose 1914-1917

Rev. Kugener  1914-1917

Rev. Wilhelm 1914-1917

Rev. Morrissette 1914-1917

Rev. Levesque 1914-1917

Rev. Joseph Octave Faucher 1917-1924

Rev. Thos. Lincks 1924-1931

Rev. G.E. Mulligan 1931-1934

Rev. A. Beechy 1935-1943

Rev. Christopher Yunker 1943-1946

Rev. Volk 1946-1949

Rev. Lambertus 1949-1966

Rev. Frey 1966-1971

Rev. Schmitz 1971-1979

Rev. J.P. Murphy 1979-1991

Rev. Peter Pham 1991-1992

Rev. Stephen Bill 1992-1996

Rev. BrianMeredith 1996-2001

Rev. Francis Kurisinkal (Prince) 2001-2008

Rev. Anthony Bruno 2008-2011

Rev. Anthony Pangan 2011-2017

Rev. Thuy Nguyen 2017-


St. Eugene R.C. Parish

Highway 6

P.O. Box 149

Minton, Saskatchewan 

S0C 1T0

Fax: 306-969-2137



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Social Convener:

Elaine Simpart




Religious Ed. Coordinator:

Karen Fettes




Building and Grounds:

Dennis Simpart




Responsible Ministries:

Elaine Simpart





Sharon Hlavka