Knights of Columbus

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Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Originally it served as a mutual benefit society to working-class and immigrant Catholics in the United States. Then it was developed into a fraternal benefit society dedicated to providing charitable services, including war and disaster relief. The society actively defends Catholicism in various nations, and promotes Catholic education. There are over 1.9 million members around the world with membership limited to practicing Catholic men aged 18 or older. The Order consists of four different degrees, each exemplifying a different principle of the order. There are nearly 15,000 councils, including over 300 on college campuses, and are chartered in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and around the world. The Knights’ official junior organization, the Columbian Squires, has more than 5,000 circles. The order’s patriotic arm, the Fourth Degree, has more than 2,500 assemblies.

Monahan Council  #3161 History

Raymond Martin, Albert Bourassa, and Patrick Evans joined the Knights of Columbus in 1939, either as members of the Willowbunch or Regina Councils. The Monahan Council #3161 was formed in 1948, which started as a sub-council. Regina collected the $6.00 dues and the sub-council got a rebate.

The Pickett and Sherman Building (S&E Grocery now), the Legion Hall and homes of the members, housed the meetings.  Eventually a schoolhouse was moved to town by Genest Labelle and Ed Dionne in the early 1940’s  for meetings. The building was placed on the west corner of the church property, and later moved across the street. When the hall was sold, proceeds were donated toward the new church. The hall became the house of Lyle Fisher.

Jack Fahlman guided the formation of the Monahan Council on July 4, 1948. The Monahan Council became the sixteenth council to be formed in Saskatchewan. Maurice Craeyveldt was our first Grand Knight, and E.J. Bouvier was the financial secretary.

Grand Knight Joe Carles performed the first initiation in 1950.

The Knights of Columbus held an Annual Picnic that was a major event in Radville. Everyone came to eat ice cream and watermelon and watch movies.

The Knights of Columbus have been very supportive of the community and church.


Grand Knights of Monahan Council #3161

1948-49 Maurice Craeyveldt

1949-50 Eldon Kimball

1950-51 Joseph Carles

1951-52 Ken McDonald

1952-53 Genest Labelle

1953-55 Stan E. Binns

1955-56 Reginald Mansfield

1956-57 Armand Bourassa

1957-58 Raymond Dionne

1958-59 Gilbert A. Martin

1959-60 Vince Kimball

1960-62 Mel VanDeSype

1962-63 Peter Fradette

1963-64 Joseph O’Hara

1964-66 Pierre V. Bourassa

1966-67 William Calibaba

1967-68 Edward Flynn

1968-69 Eugene Corbin

1969-70 Jay Larsen

1970-71 Maurice Remilliard

1971-72 Raymond Fradette

1972-74 Francois Porte

1974-75 Lawrence Woitas

1975-76 Ephrem Fradette

1976-77 Edmond Borsa

1977-79 Joseph C. Borschowa

1979-81 Vince Bouchard

1981-82 Robert Biss

1982-83 William Calibaba

1983-85 Lorne Weigel

1985-86 Jay Larsen

1986-89 Martin Gilmore

1989-90 Francois Porte

1990-91 Melvin Nimegeers

1991-94 Robert Biss

1994-95 Lorne Weigel

1995-99 Robert Biss

????-2018 Jack Vandenhurk

2018-         Leo Vandevelde