Ceylon – St. Joseph

Ceylon – St. Joseph

 The first Catholic settlers of Ceylon to homestead in the Gap came in 1905 and brought a desire for church services to the area. Services were held in the home of Jim Shannon in 1908 by Father Jacques, in 1910 by Father Nadeau and in 1912 by Rev. Miller.

In 1912 and 1913 Father Prud’homme of Radville visited and organized the parish and building of a church. Unfortunately Father Prud’homme passed in 1913 before construction began. 

Plans for the new church were completed, and 1914 brought the beginning of construction under the supervision of Rev. Francois Maximilien Gendron.  The church was blessed and dedicated to St. Joseph by Archbishop Mathieu. As a result of a fire that destroyed the church on March 20th, 1951 Father McKenna had a new church built on the same site. This one being blessed by Most Rev. Francis Klein.

Ceylon got its first resident priest in 1917, Rev. Joseph Octave Faucher. While Father Faucher was in Ceylon, a sanctuary, a sacristy, and a tower were added to the church.  A private home was purchased in 1933 as a rectory, which was enlarged and modernized in 1959.

The Ladies of the Altar Society served the church from 1917-1931 when the CWL was formed. The Knights of Columbus also formed a sub-council and have since joined Radville.

St. Joseph is credited with a number of religious vocations. Rev. John Reidy (ordained June 16, 1946), Rev. Eldon McGrath (ordained April 2, 1949), Rev. Adelbert Kines (ordained May 30, 1953), Rev. Kenneth Greer (ordained June 4, 1960), Sister Rose Mary Laurich (R.N.D.M. 1932), Sister Katherine Laurich (S.M. 1938), Blanche DeBruyne (F.d.l.C. 1939) and Sister June Ayotte (M.D.S. 1948).

Pastors who served in Ceylon:

Rev. Jacques 1908-1910

Rev. Nadeau 1910-1912

Rev. Miller 1912-1913

Rev. Prud’homme 1913

Rev. Francois Maximilien 1914-1917

Rev. Joseph Octave Faucher 1917-1924

Rev. Thos. Lincks 1924-1931

Rev. G.E. Mulligan 1931-1934

Rev. Ron McLellan 1934-1937

Rev. R.J. McKenna 1937-1956

Rev. Kasper Harty 1956-1957

Rev. Steve Ripplinger 1957-1968

Rev. Peter Nijssen 1968-1971

Rev. L. Abello 1971-1974

Rev. Albert Schmitz 1974-1979

Rev. J.P. Murphy 1979-1991

Rev. Peter Pham 1991-1992

Rev. Stephen Bill 1992-1996

Rev. Brian Meredith 1999-2001

Rev. Francis Kurisinkal 2001-2008

Rev. Anthony Bruno 2008-2011

Rev. Anthony Pangan 2011-2017

Rev. Thuy Nguyen 2017-

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